Team Up Derby City

We work closely with Derby City Council (DCC) and Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS) are we are aware they are proposing to enter a new partnership to jointly deliver a range of health and care support services in Derby. These services are aimed at helping people remain and live independently at home for as long as possible.  GPs are also involved in these services which are commonly known as rehabilitation and reablement.

Derby City Council and Derbyshire Community Health Services are proposing to come together to create a single service that supports people to stay at home when their health or care needs change, and to help people who need help after a hospital stay. These services aim to help people recover from ill health or help people who may have an urgent and changing situation at home such as a disruption to their normal health and care routine.

In Derby we are supporting about 380 people per week to stay at, or return home, whether that be in an urgent crisis or if they are returning home after being treated in hospital.

However, not everyone currently can access this support when they need it. This is causing some people to be delayed from leaving hospital or having to wait at home for an assessment of their needs for much longer than we would like.

We would like to ask you to participate in a short on line survey about the Council and DCHS’s plans to help inform these developments. The survey can be accessed on the link below and is available until the 18th November 2023. There are also details of how to obtain paper copies rather than using an on line version:

Consultation on Integration between Derby City Council & Derbyshire Community Health Services | Let’s Talk Derby