Next Patient Group meeting

This has been set for:

  • Thursday October 3 2019 at 1800 for an hour or so.

All patients are most welcome. Come and hear about the latest developments from Dr Singh and the team and raise any concerns or comments that you have about our services. An interpreter will be there as usual.

We are likely to be covering the following topics:

  • Medicines Order Line (MOLs) – this is a new NHS system for ordering repeat medication which will go live in September.
  • The increase in number and mix of online appointments and how we might encourage more patients to use these
  • Any emerging developments from the government’s agenda to promote Primary Care Networks (though this meeting may be a little too soon)
  • New screening programmes for inactive TB and also for Hepatitis B/C
  • An update on the 2019-20 Practice Improvement Plan.