Freedom Day: Latest position on our services: July 19 2021

What the media has called ‘Freedom Day’ and the relaxation of many restrictions relating to the pandemic has dawned. The decision to relax the rules has been based to a large extent on the roll out of the vaccination programme for Covid 19. All commentators recognise the inherent risks and that infection rates may increase particularly with the prevalence of new variants of the virus.

Whilst over 75% of our eligible adult population have had at least one dose of the vaccine, it still means 25% or 1 in 4 patients have not. This is 900 patients in all.

With this in mind and for the foreseeable future, Dr Singh and Dr Joseph propose no significant changes to our services. In short, this means:-

  • We would ask all patients visiting the surgery building to continue to wear a mask until further notice
  • The doctors will continue to speak with patients in the first instance on the telephone and will call patients in the same day if they want to see the patient face to face. This mirrors what we have done throughout the pandemic.
  • Nurse appointments for the monitoring of chronic conditions like diabetes will be a mix of face to face and telephone appointments based on the nurse’s clinical assessment of each individual
  • Video consultations will continue to be used where practical

We thank the vast majority of patients for their continuing patience and understanding. We will keep services under constant review based on the latest NHS and Government advice.