Covid19 advice for patients currently pregnant: August 2021

Recent research data from the UK Obstetric Surveillance Service (UKOSS) shows that pregnant women are among week-on-week increases in the numbers of hospital admissions for COVID-19, linked with rising infection rates and the emergence of the Delta variant across England. COVID-19 infection in pregnancy carries a significant risk of hospital admission and a higher risk of severe illness than for the non-pregnant population – especially so in the later stages of pregnancy – and a higher risk of premature birth. The research also shows that of 171 pregnant women admitted to hospital between 16 May and 11 July 2021, none had been fully vaccinated. Three (1.8%) had received a single dose of vaccine. Two doses of vaccine are important to achieve high levels of protection against severe illness.

For patients currently pregnant, please consider vaccination carefully and if you have any concerns or need reassurance then speak to your midwife.